My Garage Smells Like a Place to Bury People

The garage at this house smells like something very old, closed up and forgotten. It’s an interesting smell and I might even like it if I didn’t have allergies and asthma.

It’s the right smell for a tomb. Why are people only buried in garages in movies? Or for less than polite and honest reasons. This garage smells like a place for burying people, keeping them forgotten forever. I could buy a coffin, make sure it is sealed so it doesn’t have that awful rotting meat stench, and be left in this garage for eternity. Or until they bulldoze the house down to build something bigger.

Graveyards seldom ever smell like a place people should be buried in. Why is that?

Do You Say it or Write It?

I like to write about things I think, but not say much.

Writing it down feels like it is becoming part of history, something for the future that I can create and leave of myself. Saying things is transient and leaves you vulnerable and exposed in the moment.

What about you? Are you a talker or a writer, or both?

Cave Life for a Year

What would you need if you planned to live in a cave for a year? Think about things like a lack of sunlight, heat and the dampness. Also, basic essentials like clean water, sustainable food, something to sleep on, something to wear, and something to do day to day to keep busy. Forget your phone or laptop, the cave doesn’t get Internet for more than an hour a day when the signal hits it just right.